Some more testominals from our weekly classes, summer camp and recent performances  'A-Mayes-ing' and 'Showtastic';

My daughter has just had a fabulous time at the Mayes Summer School. She came back beaming everyday and keen to practice the songs she dances! What a great performance from all the students at the end - can’t believe they achieved so much in such little time! Thank you for contributing to some lovely summer memories. (Maria) 

Harry has absolutely loved his 3 days with you all. Thank you for organising the amazing performance. All that hard work from each and every one of you certainly paid off - it was amazing! (Natalie) 

“My daughter loves attending Mayes school of performing arts. Every week she comes home and shows me what she has been doing. She has met new friends and her confidence has grown. So nice to have somewhere for her to go and develop in singing, dancing and drama. Thank you”

“Wow what a brilliant show! Fun, sadness, laughter it kept me gripped to my seat the whole time. And to think you’ve only been going for a year! ”

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“Both my children have had the most fantastic time at Mayes School of Performing Arts. They are both keen dancers who have always enjoyed singing but their time at Mayes has taken it to another level. They don’t stop singing or dancing. Combined with the acting classes they are more inspired than they have ever been. I love to see their confidence continually growing.”

She had an ‘amazing time’ - direct quote. She is very excited for next week.

My daughters had a fantastic few days on the summer camp and came home buzzing with excitement everyday to show what they’d learned. It was great to see them having fun and performing with confidence. Thank you Lee, Megan and Amber. (Robyn) 

My 11 year old daughter attended summer camp for 3 days and had had the best time! Everyday she came home buzzing for the next day. It has kept her so entertained and she has become so confident in just the few days she has been there! Enjoying her passion and being with like minded people has been brilliant for her. Thank you for taking the time to teach her. She said you are all wonderful people and so much fun! Thanks for making her smile. (Louise) 

“My son has come home this evening and asked me to print off the words to “Naughty” as he wants to sing it to his class! This from a child whose teachers have always told us that he doesn’t willingly speak out in class. Can’t believe how much his confidence has grown in such a short time.”

“Very impressed with the ‘Showtastic’ performance. It was great to see so many children with the talent & confidence to perform in front of a large audience.”

“Just want to say a big Thank You . My son absolutely loves being part of your performing Arts School. Acting is and always has been his passion. From the ages of 2 he has been a performer, singing Dolly Parton songs, to entertain people. He looks forward to Mondays every week. Everytime I collect him, he comes out happy and excited to tell me what he has been doing in the session. So Thank you again for opening and committing to such a wonderful group. Well done you are all great!”

“Wow! Tonight myself and family were totally blown away by the show. Seeing passionate, proud, happy children and such professionalism from all of them.
The courage, confidence and self worth that our daughter has been gifted is remarkable.”

“A friendly, inclusive and positive environment built by Mayes helps to encourage and enhance the talents and confidence of the children.”

“Lee and Megan you truly are so talented yourself, the show was amazing. How you came up with the ideas, and all the parts were very true and relevant to each age group. Truly was great to see so many different talented people all getting a chance to show their talents. Brilliant. Look forward to more in the future.”

My son loved his first session. He came home and showed us everything he had learnt. He is honestly counting down the days until Monday. Thank you to everyone for making him feel so welcome.